The 2nd Annual Summer's End at Lion's Park in Hailey, Idaho 8-22-2020” - DrSwanMusic

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official line-up for summer's end ~ The draper rendezvous


The Official "Phase 4" Artist Announcement for The 2nd Annual Summer's End - The Draper Rendezvous 

The 2nd Annual Summer's End ~ The Draper Rendezvous at Lion's Park in Hailey, Idaho 8-22-2020 

The Mother Hips 
Kitchen Dwellers 
Rainbow Girls 
The Jauntee 
Handmade Moments 
Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs 
Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats 
The Weary Times 
St. Terrible 
Steph Sloan 
Hurdy Gurdy Girls 
Michaela French Music 
Unofficial: Secuestrado (Secuestrado) 
The Hollowed Collective 


Cruz Contreras

Anna Moss (Handmade Moments)

Lena Marie Schiffer (Laney Lou) 

Gypsymusiccollective (Alyssa Joy Claffey) 

Bennett Barr (The Pan Handles) 

Mia Edsall Music (Mia Edsall)